Farnell HQ

At Farnell Packaging, we work with companies in a variety of different industries. The thing that unites the brands we package is that they all provide the essentials of life to their customers. From fresh produce, frozen food, and seafood, to horticulture and personal care items like diapers, we’re proud to provide packaging that helps brands bring these essentials to their customers.

Our Story

Founded in 1961 by Don and Amy Farnell, Farnell Packaging Limited is a family owned and operated flexible packaging manufacturer servicing the North American market.

Built on core values that place the customer at the center of everything we do, Farnell Packaging is committed to delivering high quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions on-time. Employing over 200 people at our Dartmouth, Nova Scotia facility, our responsive and dedicated staff continues to produce quality solutions guided by our founder’s values and today’s evolving marketplace.

We are committed to a more sustainable future and work to nurture our customers as they pursue their own sustainability goals. 

Our IFS PACSecure certified facility produces custom polyethylene films, HD printed roll stock, converted bags, and laminated products using the industry’s latest technology.

Farnell’s rich history of partnerships with North America’s biggest brands and our commitment to service will help guide your next project from inception to the marketplace.


Founded in Don and Amy’s house in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we serve all of North America.


To be the packaging supplier of choice, achieving the best in safety, quality, sustainability, and innovation. To celebrate our customers’ products and the positive impact they have on their end customers—while demonstrating our commitment to their success.


Our greatest asset has always been our people. Our team members are invested in doing the right thing and serving the greater good. We care about our customers’ needs. We take pride in nurturing customers and supporting them in making sustainable packaging decisions.