Sustainability is a hot topic in the packaging industry. Like companies in most other sectors, we’re all setting goals and making plans to reduce our own environmental footprints and increase efficiency. 

However, as a flexible packaging manufacturer, we have a unique opportunity. Because of our role in helping our customers get their products to market, the sustainable choices we make have an impact not only on our business, but on all our customers’ businesses. 

This is a role and a responsibility that Farnell Packaging takes very seriously. For over 60 years, we’ve been working to help our customers meet the problems they’ve faced and adapt to new challenges. As a family-run company since the beginning, we’ve also been focused on working with local partners to help improve our communities.

As sustainability in the packaging industry becomes more and more important, at Farnell we believe it’s critical that we act as advocates for sustainability — not only to provide our customers with the sustainable packaging solutions that they’ll need moving forward, but to help move the flexible packaging industry itself in a more sustainable direction through leading by example.

Understanding Sustainable Packaging

There will always be a need to safely and efficiently transport goods to consumers, so packaging of some kind that protects and preserves will always be necessary. As we all try to make our practices more sustainable and as consumers’ demand for sustainable packaging grows, it’s more and more critical that the packaging we choose is sustainable.

However, when the entire lifecycle of packaging material is taken into account, the most sustainable packaging options will be different for every application. That’s why we like to help our customers develop sustainable packaging pathways — we work with our customers to understand the challenges they face and help them develop sustainable options that will still meet all of their needs.

Recycling and Sustainable Materials

At Farnell Packaging, all of the packaging we produce can be recycle-ready. Recycling is a critical component of any sustainability effort, and is the foundation of what is usually referred to as the circular economy. 

But when we talk about sustainable packaging, simply making packaging sustainable is not the final word. From packaging that is itself made from recycled materials to new highly-advanced packaging films that can actually be a net positive for the environment, we’re happy to guide you to the packaging material that is right for you and your goals.

Sustainability Beyond Packaging

While we’re talking about sustainable packaging, sustainable practices don’t begin and end with the packaging material itself. As you consider options for how to make your own business more sustainable, it’s important to start thinking about other steps you can take beyond simply adopting more sustainable packaging materials. 

Choosing more sustainable transportation methods for your products, developing more environmentally friendly production methods, or simply increasing efficiency can all be excellent ways to improve the sustainability of your business. Most industries have organizations promoting sustainability initiatives that can give you direction for ways your business can improve, while also giving you proof of your efforts to supply to your customers.

At Farnell, we take this aspect of sustainability very seriously. Check out some of our practices and sustainability organizations we belong to on our sustainability efforts page.

Building Sustainable Packaging Pathways

Whether your company is taking its first steps to a more sustainable future or has a long history of environmental initiatives, Farnell Packaging is happy to be your packaging partner. We pride ourselves on assisting our customers as they work towards their own sustainability goals while supporting them with packaging they can feel good about.

To learn more about Farnell Packaging’s relationships with sustainability, check out our Guide to Future-Friendly Packaging.