Each year, half of all fruits and vegetables produced around the globe are wasted. A responsible packaging supplier has a role to play in preventing food waste and protecting your fresh produce from farm, to table, to nourishing families. 

Farnell Packaging cares about helping you find the best packaging option for your fresh produce, which is why we offer sustainable, flexible packaging options that extend the shelf life of your produce compared to conventional plastic packaging, keeping your produce fresh for longer. 

With modern plastic packaging, you can extend the shelf life of your fresh produce by weeks, not days. This means that your produce stays fresh and protected for longer on the supermarket shelf and in the consumer’s fridge.

As a leading sustainable packaging company, we offer recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable film alternatives to meet the rising consumer demand for environmentally conscious packaging and help brands find packaging they can feel good about. 

Fresh produce brands can choose from standard wicketed bags and pouches to bottom seal packaging, and metalized packaging for light-sensitive produce, extending the shelf life of their fresh produce with sustainability and shelf-appeal in mind. 

Farnell Packaging cares about matching you with the flexible packaging option that is best for your fresh produce brand. Contact us for more information.