Sustainable Without Sacrificing Clarity

At Farnell Packaging, we are deeply committed to helping our customers create sustainable packaging pathways. That’s why we’ve created Claropac™, our recycle-ready, sustainable packaging solution with superior clarity.

Unlike most traditional recyclable packaging films that are opaque, Claropac™’s clarity allows produce suppliers and other brands to directly display the quality of their products while still being sustainable. With Claropac™, you can show off your products while still meeting your sustainability goals.

While there are many options for flexible packaging films made from sustainable materials that meet retailers’ recyclability standards, we recommend Claropac™ to any producer looking for a new sustainable packaging option that doesn’t sacrifice product visibility or protection.

Why Produce Brands Choose Claropac™

Outstanding Transparency

There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your packaging presentation to meet sustainability goals. Claropac™ has outstanding transparency, making it ideal for produce brands that want to show off the quality of their products.


Claropac™ is Farnell Packaging’s recommendation for any company trying to find a more sustainable packaging option. As a premium recycle-ready packaging film, it’s an ideal choice for  companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Preserves Freshness

Claropac™ is ideal for packaging premium produce, as it provides an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other gasses. This helps to extend the shelf life of products, maintaining their freshness and quality. 

Protects From Damage

Claropac™ is also strong and flexible, making it easy to seal and pack your products securely, so they are protected during shipping and transportation.

About Claropac™

  • Features superior transparency that shows off the quality and freshness of your products.
  • A next-generation packaging film that meets retailers’ recyclability standards and helps producers meet sustainability targets.
  • A robust film that is resistant to puncture and tears, helping to preserve freshness.

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For produce brands looking for a new sustainable packaging solution, Claropac™ is the solution you’ve been looking for. For more information about Claropac™ or other sustainable packaging options, contact us today.