Single Track

  • Designed for recyclability
  • High quality seal
  • Minimize gaps and distortion on heat sensitive films/pouches

Double Track

  • Closure with two resealable zippers
  • Provides a complete, satisfying seal
  • Preferred by many consumers

Triple Track

  • Closure with three resealable zippers
  • Provides that extra layer of reassurance to consumers


  • Features an easy-to-close sliding seal with a premium feel
  • Gives customers assurance that products are protected


  • Prevent spoilage and waste
  • Designed for a broad range of products and packaging applications


  • Perforated zipper bag
  • Easy to open
  • Hermetic seal to maintain product freshness

Hook and Loop

  • Designed to be simple to open and reseal
  • A simple squeeze creates a seal that consumers can hear and feel


  • Prevent spoilage and waste
  • Provides easy access to contents, perfect for scooping