As consumers seek healthier options in the frozen food aisle, make your frozen seafood products stand out with superior packaging solutions that are durable, innovative, and meet the highest food safety standards. Seafood packaging often has a lot of unnecessary waste, and here at Farnell we’ve worked to support seafood brands in developing recycle-ready options.

Our Research and Development team can assist you with developing packaging around new product lines. We also offer recyclable solutions and alternatives for environmentally conscious brands and their customers who want to build a more sustainable future. 

Farnell Packaging has solutions for the frozen seafood industry, including rollstock, pouches, and side-weld packaging — all with zipper and closure options.

If your priority is improving lead times, take advantage of our logistics and warehousing services in order to ease supply chain pressures. 

Farnell Packaging cares about matching you with the flexible packaging option that is best for your frozen seafood brand. We have options designed to help your brand reach its sustainability goals, including sugarcane, PCR films, and biodegradable films. Contact us for more information.