Baked goods brands need packaging that displays the high quality of their products while preserving their freshness. Trust Farnell Packaging to deliver durable, aesthetically pleasing packaging that keeps baked goods fresh and protected as they make their way to consumers’ tables. We offer sugarcane and biodegradable packaging films to help you reach your sustainability goals.

Farnell Packaging’s baked goods packaging options include: 

  • Wicketed bags are high clarity, high gloss bags that showcase your baked goods and can be used in automatic filling equipment 
  • Side-weld packaging are similar to wicketed bags and can be filled by hand 
  • Metalized packaging is a standard poly film with aluminum that provides UV protection and has a shiny, metallic finish
  • Zippers and closures can give your packaging a premium feel 

Farnell Packaging cares about matching you with the flexible packaging option that is best for your baked goods. Contact us for more information.